Private Session $40.00

Group/Party & Event Rates:

♥ $50.00 deposit for Platinum Airbrush to show up (includes the Tan of Host)

♥ $30.00 per person for 6 or less ppl getting Airbrushed (collected at the time of service from each person)

♥ $20.00 per person for 7 or more ppl getting Airbrushed (collected at the time of service from each person) 

---------- Prices are subject to change depending on distance ----------

Exfoliating Scrub $8.00

Booty Shorts $10.00

Tan Extender Kit $20.00

How To Exfoliate For The BEST Tan Possible!!!
Dry Exfoliation:

Before dousing the skin with water, dry exfoliate the skin first. Do this by gently scrubbing your skin with the a loofa or exfoliating gloves. This will remove all loose dead skin cells.


Washing The Skin:

After the dry exfoliation, massage your skin with our Organic Body Scrub. Pour a little bit of our Organic Body Scrub into your hand and gently rub your skin again for about 5 to 10 minutes. Make sure you apply gentle pressure to avoid bruising your skin or cause any wounds. Don't exfoliate the area around your eyes. There will be a slight tingling/tender sensation but there should be NO bleeding.


Rinsing The Skin:

Rinse your skin Thoroughly to wash away all the gunk, dead cells, and Organic Body Scrub. To make rinsing the most effective, first rinse with warm water to loosen the pores (just warm water, NOT hot). Then follow up with cold water to close the pores. 


Re-hydrating your skin:

After the exfoliation process, Wait 24hrs to moisturize. Well hydrated, newly exfoliated skin will produce the best results when you spray tan because the solution will evenly distribute throughout the areas of your skin and develop into a natural looking tan.

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